“The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog” – finishing touches + “Turquoise Green Angel” – light and shadows

I believe I have finished my permanent hooker’s green small painting last night. As soon as I covered the area with the white where I had the red on the canvas I stopped and had this feeling that I think I am done with this painting.

The red used as “shade through the white” color applied on the canvas.

Of course there are still a few things to work on it, but I am going to leave these little touches to be finished after I live with the painting for a bit.

After covering the red with the white I got the feeling that the painting was almost done.

As soon as I put that painting aside, in my case on a wall next to a mirror which reflected the painting and gave it a different point of observation, I took out my large turquoise green painting and covered that yellow spot with the turquoise.

The mirror effect gives another point of view seeing the characters on the painting.

I believe that was a good decision. Of course now I feel like I just severed my angels’ heads, or at least one of them, with the removal of that yellow neck. This discomfort should lead me further and I believe it already is. I am already seeing what I have missed seeing because of that yellow neck. I am just going to cover some areas with the turquoise and live with it for a bit.

Often I have several paintings in my sight to trick my vision and get inspiration.

I can see how much my paintings have changed. There is a certain maturity appearing in them. Of course there is nothing mature about drawing little green vampires biting into chicken asses on the top of the head of the green lady without eyes wearing a mask, but there is something developing in me that I should say I really like.

Little cartoon-like characters are seen on the top of the painting.

Of course I probably will always see something that could be improved in my paintings, but each of them is being born at exactly a time they need to be born and that is exciting. My focus now is on an exhibition and something tells me that the exhibition might come out at the same time my book comes out. That makes sense to me because they are connected, sometimes very directly.

I always liked playing with multiple mediums. When I paint I like to consider how my paintings are lit, what things are next to them, are they hung next to an opened window or a brick wall and so on and so forth. I like shit like that. I believe this type of thinking helps me to see how my paintings should be exhibited to get from them the full effect.

I should say that one of my favorite things in the morning when the sun hits my windows is to watch how my paintings interact with the sunlight. The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog looks more mysterious when it is surrounded by darkness. This screaming fearsome mask is really popping out from the painting when it’s lit by a spotlight. But, for example, The Turquoise Green Angel comes alive when the sun hits it giving the painting all kinds of shadows.

Subtle light and shadows create soft ethereal lines for characters.

Originally written on 10-15-17

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