“The Interrupted Tea Party” + “The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog” as Nietzsche – the blind spot

It is amazing that this canvas which was started with two lines by my friend N. is shaping to be something I have never done this way before. I look at my lines and how they work together creating several images and meanings on my paintings, but this one went full blown cubism on me.

The portrait is sketched before being interrupted by the tea party.

I do like what is coming out of me, at the same time I am surprised that it is coming this way, very structured and almost “too precise.” Of course there are plenty of lines that are crooked on the canvas, but the overall feeling of the painting is very structured. I am playing with geometrical forms, what do I expect? It is just amazing how simple forms can form all kinds of characters, sometimes visually unexpected ones.

The portrait of my friend N. gets its first white wash.

I am going to have a hard time deciding how I hang the painting, because you can flip the canvas upside down and still get an equally rich imagery. I believe painting more of this type of work is going to help me to solve problems in other paintings. I have a feeling that The Turquoise Green Angel is going to change because of what I am finding on this canvas.

The canvas flipped this way gives me an image of a rooster.

Funny every time I look indirectly at The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog I see Nietzsche’s portrait.

This is the portrait of Nietzsche I see flick in my eyes every time I look indirectly towards The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog.

I don’t know how this trick happens, but it has something to do with that blind spot we all have in our vision, which brings me to an idea of how to paint something that is only visible with that blind spot. Of course that might sound like some kind of gimmick but it is quite bizarre what my blind spot does when it is around The Hookers Green Hue Dog.

Nietzsche appears on The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog when my gaze is where The Blue Angst hangs.

I see this image of Nietzsche looking down and I can’t fully explain this phenomena, because I can’t fully see the image. The blind spot covers certain areas on The Hookers’ Green Hue Dog which somehow creates this another image, a portrait of the philosopher.

Originally written on 10-19-17

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