“The Interrupted Tea Party” – covering and uncovering lines and colors

Yesterday, before going to bed, I thought that maybe I should just cover the painting (The Interrupted Tea Party) with a layer of white, redraw the lines and then put the colors the way I have intended them to be there originally. Interesting how this idea looks appealing to me again, even though I was like: “no, I just need to cover those dark blue spots and move on to the next thing I need to do on the canvas.” I am going to see how I feel about all of this later today after I cover some areas with the red I am intending on using. After I finish that, I am going to see if I like the effect and only then decide if I need to put that layer of white.

The Interrupted Tea Party before being covered with the white.

I liked the feeling the washed up painting was giving me when covered with the white. It looked as if somebody had decided that the energy the canvas was giving was incorrect so it needed to be covered with the white. Also I liked the sharp pencil drawn lines. They are kind of buried under the paint now and are not as sharp as they were before I started filling the surface with colors.

I liked the sharp pencil drawn lines before I started filling the canvas with paint.

I feel like today would be a good day to finish the other (The Blue Angst and  The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog) paintings. I’ve been working on them for quite some time and I see that there is no need to touch them anymore. So I just need to find a spot for my signature and date, put a piece of my hair on another side of the paintings, write the names of them there too and let them go to wide wild world. I think I have already found the place where my signature should be, so now I just remove some pencil lines that are not needed there anymore and sign the canvases.

I am not sure how I am going to deal with The Interrupted Tea Party. It is very possible that I need to cover those places that need to be covered with paint and then put this layer of white and make these colors peek as if through a fog or something, white wash them in a way. I do like the sharpness the red is giving me now, but there is just something that I am missing on the canvas and I need to do something about it.

The blue is covered with a layer of the white on The Interrupted Tea Party.

I cannot wait to work on the large red painting (My Mom as the Guardian Angel of Angels). An Angel is standing in flames in front of a sleeping person. It is an interpretation of my mom being my Guardian Angel and always being there for me when I was growing up.

Originally written on 10-29-17

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