“The Interrupted Tea Party” – oh no, we are not drinking Pepsi at this tea party

Just look at me now, working every night on paintings from ten (or eleven) to two in the morning! That is good. I would like to push my work to an earlier time though and start after I have dinner, almost immediately. But, I guess, the food digests and I slow down for a few hours until my energy picks up again and I am on my metal chair working on whatever painting is on the easel.

Now, talking about The Interrupted Tea Party, sadly this blue I am using has to go. I clearly see, the painting should exhibit mostly the red and the white. I am considering that permanent hooker’s green hue I used on another painting (The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog) in the background. Hopefully it won’t give me Christmas the way this blue and the red is giving me the Pepsi-Cola signs all over the canvas. The painting for some reason feels way too busy and reminds me way too much of Pepsi-Cola signage. It is just way too much for my eyes to process now. I miss a lot the white I had at the beginning.

Sometimes you learn about color choices others make after you use them yourself. Now I know what kind of blue and red is used in Pepsi-Cola’s logo.

It is very possible that I am going to return to the white and leave a lot of it because I do like pencil drawn lines on the canvas. The white highlights them better. There are a few lines I am still not sure about, but after I am done covering this blue with the white I am going to see clearer what needs to be done to them.

I miss this washed out by the white feel on the canvas after driving myself crazy with the Pepsi-Cola logo’s colors.

It is starting to feel like I am spending a little too much time on this painting, but I need to go through those “mistakes” to get to the point where I should be. It could be that by covering this blue with the white and just seeing a little tint of it through the white will do the trick I am looking for, but for now this blue has to go. It was originally intended to be a red painting anyway. This particular blue (prime blue) likes to be diluted with water a lot. The way lighter permanent hooker’s green hue gives me a dirtier feel, blue is the complete opposite when diluted. The darker I go with the blue the dirtier it looks. I need to make some adjustments and see what effect the diluted red gives me.

I began considering the “what if” I do diluted red background and just play with the red the way I intended originally. I always can cover it with the white if I don’t like the look. It is very possible that I might uncover that exact effect I am looking for.

I have to reapply my white paint several times because of the light body it has, which is okay, because this way I can get this see-through effect. Sometimes I wonder how I would deal in the situation like this while working with oils. Oils mix differently and sometimes I feel like the acrylics are drying way too fast. But sometimes I do need my paint dry fast, so I am juggling with all kinds of possibilities here.

I am satisfied with acrylics on my small canvases, but I do realize that I need to spend more time “perfecting” my technique with the paint and all that shebang that comes with it.

Yeah, right now the painting is just way too busy and the blue is way too intrusive. The blue needs to be adjusted and in many cases completely removed.

Dimming colors a bit by lighting.

The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog needs to be finished and just to be done. I need to remove the pencil lines from places where they don’t need to be visible and sign the painting. After I sign my paintings I know I cannot touch them again, because as soon as I sign a painting I say, that’s it, it is done and it is ready to face the world.

Originally written on 10-26-17

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