“The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog” – the giddy canvas + revealing situations and other artists

The green color I am working with is called “Permanent Hooker’s Green Hue.” You can take whatever you want from the name, but I am sure that “Hooker’s Green” does not mean the green of a prostitute. It is probably called this way because of somebody’s name. I am too lazy to research this right now, so I am going to leave this at that. Besides it will keep you guessing.

A woman’s profile in Hooker’s Green Hue color is prominent on the canvas, but it is not the central character’s idea of the painting.

The green feels a little bit dirty at the moment. That is okay as long as I don’t mix it with another color before I finish mixing it with the white. The green is a little bit tricky to work with, but I see some wonderful progress on the canvas.

Some lighter spots are visible on the dark areas because of how the green interacts with the white.

The characters that came out of me are surprising me as much as the color. The canvas is making me giddy. I like the characters appearing on the surface. I can’t wait to see where all this is going to take me.

The dog’s face appears in white because of the elements that are parts of other characters on the canvas. There is also an angry bird’s face drawn in pencil on the left-center of the canvas.

I had to stop and think for a moment about the turquoise green painting and the battle I had with the yellow. I believe I have solved the yellow problem just by redrawing two lines. Now one line defines a head in profile of the bird/angel character, another one gives definition to a wing. I just need to cover that yellow neck which is too intense for that part of the painting.

The yellow of the neck in the center is completely covered by the turquoise green color.

Situations like that in a peculiar way show me why I like one or another artist. There are times when I get hit by: “oh, this is how this artist held their brush and laid the paint on the surface” or “oh, I believe this character kind of resembles something I have already seen in somebody’s work.” I find myself wondering why some things feel so familiar to me. Have I already seen these characters somewhere or are these characters a product of my imagination and brain? But whatever is the case these characters I see in my head demand to appear in my work.

Cartoon-like characters drawn in pencil are visible on the top left of the canvas.

Considering that these characters came out of my brush they are my weird children who are stuck on canvas. They have to live this way now for how long I don’t know it yet, but it would be fun to see if any of them survive the test of time.

There are so many amazing artists creating right now. I get overwhelmed by all this intricacy, cleverness, skill I see when I am introduced to their work on line and in real world. I have accepted that there is always going to be this tendency to compare yourself to other artists. Be cautious of it because you are you and they are they.

I believe that essentially there are no bad artists. You could question their choice of color or their technique, maybe even themes and what not. You do that because of your own taste. It dictates your critical perception. It doesn’t necessary mean that your level of taste, feel of colors and lines, skill set are the “right” ones. For one artist those colors and those lines they use are the right ones while for another one the same colors and lines are completely wrong. I have my favorite artists, but that doesn’t mean that they are everyone’s favorite. What I am trying to say here is this: I am amazed by the artwork which is coming out today. It is inspiring and borderline genius. Where I stand with my paintings I don’t know and I don’t think I want to know, because creating is really what makes me alive.

I can’t compare my artwork to somebody else’s the same way I can’t compare my life to somebody else’s life. Yes, we share the same Earth, but our experiences are different. We are unique and that is what makes the world go round with all this beauty changing and developing each and every day. Ha, just listen to my “oh so artistic tone” of everything just being so beautiful and wonderful.

More I work more I realize that I have no idea where all this painting journey is taking me. Each painting opens in me something I was not aware existed. I might think I know where I am going with them creatively, but with each new piece I am put in a situation that I don’t really know what’s going to happen next and that is absolutely amazing. It allows me to relax my mind from my preconceived logical thoughts.

I am becoming quite attached to my paintings. I have no idea how any artist can put a price tag to their works. How do you price a painting which was created in a few days, but is your favorite, next to a painting which you have been working on and off for almost a year now? How do you do that? Some people say, oh the size and the time you spend on a piece that is what defines the price and I say bullocks, because the one that comes out of you in a day or two might be the result of the work you put in other pieces and it was created this fast because of the energy you spent figuring out how something works or doesn’t in other pieces. I am not sure how one does it and this is really hard for me not only to decide how much one or another piece costs, but most importantly, am I really selling them?

Originally written on 10-12-17

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