“The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog” – working with the color + favorite artists and influences (part 1)

I should say I am having fun with this permanent hooker’s green hue small painting. I like this little dirty effect the green gives me. I tried to smooth it up a little bit by adding some white, but the lighter mixed with the white green became too smooth for my liking. I love seeing those little brush smudges. They create a certain perspective through layers and texture. The green gives a very deep almost black effect when thickly applied.

Sunlight gives wonderful tones to the Hooker’s Green Hue

Even though I was struggling with it at the beginning, I am starting to love the green. I see some similarities happening with every color I work with. I find some very specific qualities of one or another color, then, during the process of discovery, I fall in love with the effects they give me.

This painting brought all kinds of characters out of me. It almost feels like these characters are from a cartoon I once saw. They somehow stuck in my mind and now they are getting out of it and onto this canvas.

The cartoon like characters are getting their green on.

Today for some reason I found myself thinking about questions I might get when talking about my paintings. The questions I thought about were:

1) What are your favorite artists and why?

2) How much were you influenced by them while working on your own paintings?

Funny that I am asking this question myself. The first artist that came  to my mind was Basquiat.

This painting by Basquiat is permanently on my computer’s screen.

For some reason I also thought about Braque, even though I am not as familiar with him and his work as I am with Basquiat’s. I don’t believe I was actually thinking about Braque and his work when I was thinking about Braque. Well now that I looked at Braque’s work on line (also I remembered seeing a few paintings of his at the Met exhibited next to Picasso’s) I can see in his paintings the love for lines I have.

Braque’s Violin and a Pitcher. A similar painting by Picasso was painted almost at the same time as if the two artists were competing with each other.

I like him, but he is not my favorite. I was not thinking about his work when I was thinking about the artist I was thinking about. Picasso is much more influential to me. I like Picasso’s color periods.

Picasso’s Ironing Woman from his blue period. This painting has a secret.

Now I need to find the name of the artist I thought about which also starts with a “B.” I believe he is an American artist and gay. Ha, funny, after I put into search “gay American artists” the very first article came up with fifteen gay painters and the very first one on the list was Francis Bacon, the artist I was thinking about when Braque’s name came to my mind.

Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion circa 1944 by Francis Bacon 1909-1992 Presented by Eric Hall 1953 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N06171

I still don’t know why Francis Bacon was/is in my mind though. Maybe there was just something that stuck with me that kept me thinking about him. So now I need to read the article and get familiar with these fifteen gay artists. Here is a link to this article: https://hornet.com/stories/gay-painters-amazing/

Oh and the first sentence I read there was: “Irish painter Francis Bacon is as cheesy as a lightning storm and often as shocking.” Well, first of all, I was wrong thinking that he was an American painter and second of all, well, a lightning storm always inspires me. One of my favorite things is to feel the wind on my skin, add to it lightning and rain, oh, and you have a show and I don’t want to miss it. After reading the article I need to research all these artists on the list.

The most surprising artist for me on that list was an American, Grant Wood, who painted the most famous American puritanical couple (American Gothic). He was from Iowa.

Grant Wood’s American Gothic

I am glad I spent some time getting familiar with my fellow gay artists. I am definitely some kind of gay artist myself. Ha!

I have a feeling that I might use again that red I’ve used on my large turquoise green painting. I don’t know why I have this feeling about it yet, but I looked at my see-through plastic cups with water I use to wash my brushes and somehow this purple tint reminded me of that color. I am not sure if I am going to use the color, but at the very beginning of the painting process of The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog a name The Red Helmet came to my mind.

I probably could make this red more of a pink. I need to inspect the color against the green. At the moment I don’t see where the pink should appear, but at the same time, now that I think, the characters on the helmet could pop out even more if I incorporate that red somewhere there. Oh-oh, am I thinking of using My Mom as the Guardian Angel of Angels red color again? Well, I was thinking how I could make the eyes of the characters pop and the red might be the solution I have been looking for.

The cartoon like characters are almost done, now I need  them to pop even more.

In any case I should not be afraid of using several colors. I don’t know why I have this thing of using only two colors on one canvas. In the case of this canvas I am using white and green. Oh wow, I think the red is exactly what’s missing from this painting. I have to look at the red now, forgive me.

Okay now that I took out the turquoise green painting I see what needs to be done on it. I just need to cover the yellow with the white leaving one new profile on it and leave the black lines which indicate where the leaning angel appears. I don’t even think I should leave these lines, just paint everything in white, because our eyes can draw the lines we need from already existing figures.

I like having paintings I work on in front of me when I rest on my bed.

I am not sure though if I want to use the red on my permanent hooker’s green painting. I can see why I want to use the red, but now I need to be sure if it is needed there. Of course the green I am using is already shocking enough considering the dirty effect it gives me, so introducing a new color might be challenging, but I like challenges.

Originally written on 10-14-17

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