Permanent Hooker’s Green Hue

I believe I cracked my small green painting yesterday. I sat down to work feeling that I know what should happen on the canvas and it happened. Half of what I did yesterday most likely is going to be covered latter, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that right now I am getting to know my permanent hooker’s green hue better. I should say it is quite amazing to realize that you might know your colors but in reality you don’t. Even my often used blue surprises me every time I use it. So no wonder that this particular green needs to have a certain approach. Well, also it could be that the pigment and the body of the paint is not as smooth as I used to have with my other colors, so it lays down on the canvas a bit differently. At the moment this green is a hot mess, but it is going to sing at some point.

Originally written on 10-11-17

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