“The Interrupted Tea Party” – a greenhouse plan?

I should say I got into liking to paint on small canvases. I like that I can have them on my lap when I draw my pencil lines. The Interrupted Tea Party is turning to be a very unique one. I wonder if my constant drawing new plans of a greenhouse I am planning to build has anything to do with it. The painting is very structural and it could be used as an inspiration for a design of a house with a garden. Funny how these things work together in our brains. It is very exciting to see how this painting could become a blueprint for my or somebody else’s house with gardens around it. I can see this becoming an actual design for a property and when you fly over it you could actually see the painting. This could become another way of creating a “picture.” I do see it happening at some point. I wonder if anybody has designed their house inspired by a painting. Of course they have. I do realize that my work on the greenhouse plan has something to do with this painting even though most of the lines on the canvas were drawn way before I even considered working on my greenhouse.

Originally written on 10-23-17

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