“Turquoise Green Angel with a Face of Yellow and a Mask of Blue” – challenges with the wrong type of paint

I am glad that it seems like I finally realize how my turquoise green painting should be finished. Last night I removed some lines which were getting in my way. Thankfully I had an eraser and was able to erase my pencil lines which are harder to cover with the white acrylic I am working with right now.

Multiple sketch lines are hard to cover with lighter density paint

As soon as I get a little bit of money I need to invest in different type of paint. It is not that the paint I have is bad, no, it is just not thick enough for my liking. For the lighter tones it is perfectly alright, but when it comes to a thick cover they fail. The struggle I have with my yellow is in part because of the light film it gives. It is perfect for cases when you want something to show through, but it becomes challenging when you want to cover a certain area and you need a thick and vivid color. I figured that with this type of paint I have I need to cover the area with the white first and only then I can put a layer of the yellow. I know that it is going to be perfect for certain effects, but it is not for the area of the painting I am working on right now.

A slight yellow tint is visible after being covered by a layer of thinner type of white paint

Then there is another challenge I am facing. What color or colors do I use to paint inside of the screaming/singing head of the blue kneeling angel? That head has multiple screaming/singing heads inside which need to be clearly defined. I might introduce another color and I believe I know which color I am going for. That turquoise green I am using and that particular red I am thinking of on introducing should be great together. That particular red is going to give me a hint for the next painting I am getting ready to put my hands on.

Sketch of the screaming/singing heads inside of a head

I am starting to feel like I need more canvases. Even though my red painting (My Mom as the Guardian Angel of Angels) is going to take some time, I would like to begin another one with the red color I am considering painting the screaming/singing heads. And while I am writing this I understand how badly I need those other twelve (at least!) canvases. Having all of them available would really make a difference in how I plan my next painting. And it seems like I am going to need some of that thick yellow too. Oh fuck, I do need some of the yellow and now! I wonder if there is an art store somewhere close by where I could get those canvases and the paint.

Originally written on 10-5-17

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