“The Turquoise Green Angel” – the need to stay away from it for awhile + “The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog” – small paintings as a series

I am continuing my battle with the turquoise green large painting. This could only mean that I should stay away from it for awhile. There is definitely something I don’t see yet. I need to have some time away from it pretty much like I have to have some time away from my writings after I finish writing something. I need to put my work away for some time to be able to read/see it with my fresh eyes. I keep adding and removing my paint from places my eyes say are problematic. I am getting tired of looking at the painting. It numbs my head and my imagination. 

This white which really says nothing right now is just a blob and it feels like I have put way too much of it on the canvas. I can sense some drastic changes happening in between the two blue wings.

The white in the lower portion of the paining feels like a blob rather than a part of the characters on the canvas.

I am ready to work on other paintings. That usually brings new energy into my already started works. Maybe that is my creative trick? Who knows? In this case I am tired of staring at the same painting for such a long time and not move forward with it.

I should say I am starting to love the size of my small paintings. The proportions allow me to fill the whole canvas with characters in a very rich mater. With the large paintings I am playing more with the positive/negative spaces, with larger amounts of solid colors. I have a certain feel of the small paintings being combined into a wall of a “large painting.”

Now that I look at The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog I have a feeling that this painting could become a part of a larger painting, a part of a combined series of paintings. The painting is fitting quite perfectly by itself on my wall next to the north window though. I love the reflection the painting is casting on the mirror.

The reflection in the mirror gives me a new point of view.

This is a good size to carry around. Thankfully I have five empty canvases like that waiting for me to be worked on.

Originally written on 10-16-17

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