The Blue Boy Richard With His Pink Tailed Pet Fish – The Fairy Tale

Once lived a boy who had a Pink Tailed Fish as his pet. He didn’t remember how the Fish ended up with him. The Boy held it in a fish tank. He kept his home dark at all times, so the Fish would feel comfortable being with him. The Boy walked the Fish outside during rainy days and nights. There was never a sign of any one on the streets. He wondered if he was the only boy on this Earth.

The Fish grew larger and larger every day. Pretty soon it outgrew its fish tank and had to be moved into the bathtub. The Boy ran the shower on the Fish at all times.

A big storm passed by one night. It shook the house to the core making all fall smashing onto the ground. With the first rays of the morning sun the storm flew off into the distance.

The Blue Boy Richard went to the bathroom to check on his pet. There was no bathtub in the room. The Fish was also nowhere to be found. A huge hole gapped on the side of the wall where the shower once stood. The sun shone brightly through the ruins. The Blue Boy Richard stepped outside and found all these people, he thought didn’t exist, enjoying themselves on the streets.

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