“The Turquoise Green Angel” – penetrating overthinking

I believe last night I had a breakthrough on my turquoise green painting (The Turquoise Green Angel). I don’t know what name I am going to give to the work yet, but there is a lean boyish torso with a hard on penetrating the crying angel on the canvas now. Some names for the painting to consider might have the word “penetration” in it.

Two big fog-like spheres appear where the fear’s scull-like faces will land.

This painting, it feels like, could set mood for a series of paintings, which is exciting. To feel how my hand was drawing lines last night was even more exciting. It was an intense, I want to say thirty minutes, which felt really great. I was exhausted and had to lie down after the work I did on the canvas. There are still a few places I need to make decisions about. I should say, this creative burst happened after I allowed myself not to think about, but feel the painting. Now I am trying to find some kind of logic behind each line I drew then and I am already getting into my head with all this overthinking. I need to trust myself more and just go for whatever I feel like going for.

It is interesting how large size canvases allow me to be more expressive with my lines, meaning, I can draw them using my whole body. The movement becomes a dance of some sorts where my hand just keeps moving, following my emotional body’s music.

I tried to “clean” lines on The Hooker’s Green Hue Dog, but then I realized I was doing something I didn’t need to do, because I liked those lines just the way they were. So I put my whatever was in my hands down and let the lines be. This indicated a moment which is crucial while painting. You could “clean” those lines forever and never finish a painting, because while cleaning one line another one might appear and you could find yourself adding lines where they should not be.

I thought I “was ready” to work on My Mom as the Guardian Angel of Angels, but it felt like I still need to live with the painting on my wall for a bit. There is this feeling of that “I know what needs to be done on the canvas,” but I am going to listen to my creative emotion and follow my gut, which right now is leading me towards the turquoise green painting and is giving me lines I was missing on it, so I am all good and dandy with this decision.

Originally written on 11-9-17

Last night I found new lines and new faces on my large turquoise green painting (The Turquoise Green Angel). The faces are of fear. They are scull-like symbols of death. The fun part in this “find” is that this fear of death is penetrated by an angel. This is the theme of the painting. It came perfectly timed with the nature, because today the temperatures dropped to single digits in Fahrenheit (-10 C) and the wind is “penetrating” the fall and all around.

Scull-like faces are developing on the shoulders of the crying/singing angel.

Originally written on 11-10-17

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